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... I’m the fuck out …

Get a job that doesn’t require insanely long hours because the company ‘must keep up with the demands of the current economy’ will also be updated shortly.

Five months ago I was hired at CompUSA, which did not pay well at all and dealt with a customer base that treated me like dirt. Above all else was that although I was called a ‘tech’, the position dealt in retail sales, not IT, so I did not consider this job to have any serious quality or responsibility.
It did meet the qualifications for this and the previous stated goal, however I despise retail. I was also not excited enough to claim that I’d broken out of cable and didn’t put forth the effort to make this entry. It wasn’t a serious job in IT.

Now I can say that I’m officially out. I am a LAN specialist now. Though it be with a major retailer, all my customers are internal – they had better not treat me like dirt. Also I have my own desk, my own desk phone, my own work computer ( that consequently I can remote into other hosts with ) – I have achieved white collar authenticity! I am actually proud of the fact that I have become a Milton ( Office Space ).

This is my start in a new career path and I am ecstatic for the change and the capacity to work in new surroundings learning new things, on new technologies. I AM still interested in being a WAN engineer, so I may yet work again in the cable TV industry – but not as a “cable dog” :)

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