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Copyed from : Get out of cable TV

Now I can say that I’m officially out. I am a LAN specialist now. Though it be with a major retailer, all my customers are internal – they had better not treat me like dirt. Also I have my own desk, my own desk phone, my own work computer ( that consequently I can remote into other hosts with ) – I have achieved white collar authenticity! I am actually proud of the fact that I have become a Milton ( Office Space ).This is my start in a new career path and I am ecstatic for the change and the capacity to work in new surroundings learning new things, on new technologies. I AM still interested in being a WAN engineer, so I may yet work again in the cable TV industry – but not as a “cable dog” :)

... and oh yes, I work 41 hours a week, with some other overtime required occasionally – and I know about the overtime WELL ahead of time. This overtime will be much more seldom than at Comcast where I worked overtime PRACTICALLY EVERY DAY I WORKED.. By THE THIRD FUCKING DAY OF THE WEEK I had usually worked very close to your five, and then had to work more, and more, AND MORE untill Saturday. Weekends came every fourth, sometimes third, week and sometimes I was asked to work others weekends at that – if I didn’t, then I wasn’t a ‘team player’. ( I just added it up based off of my salary. My pay based off of 40 hours a week was 40,560 a year. I would have made 62,000 before years end the last year I worked there if I included overtime – 13 hours of overtime a week averaged over the whole year )

Just before I quit CompUSA I had considered going back to Comcast because my lack of experience in IT Networking was proving a difficult barrier. Really, I wonder if they would have had me back. Just the same, I had a chance to speak to one of my former co-workers, Fred. I had a hand in training him, just like I had in training any new maintenance technician, or anyone who wanted to become a maintenance technician, for the time I was there. In our conversation I discovered that my old areas went to shit a month after I left – predictable. I also discovered that up untill he decided to take it, my position was unfilled. The company had asked over 30 service technicians ( the step below me ) if they wanted a promotion to work my old areas. Over a year had passed before anyone decided to take it, and that was Fred, and he said he had been asked before on several occasions, refusing it based off it’s difficulty. I even saw it posted online – not a typical position to post online, because Comcast promotes from within for tech-operations positions.

It was vindication for me hearing that. Anyway, I’ll be happy (hopefully) and well rested from now on.

I can say that I liked working as a maintenance technician. I can honestly say that. I made it into an arcane art. I was dubbed ‘Mr. Wizard’ by one of my co-workers, proclaimed a ‘damned genius’ by another. I was accused of ‘talking above peoples heads’, but not in a negative way – I discovered later that it was otherwise described ‘as though I was speaking in a foreign language’. Out of respect, even by those that disliked me, supervisors rated me 5 on a company 1 through 5 metric of job knowledge – and I don’t remember anyone else ever getting a 5. I was repected as a library of tech knowledge by my peers, constantly asked questions and one of the tech trainers would even have conversations with me about how to test students.

I once re-engineered two nodes, redistributing a customer base, and submitted it to our engineering department, only to have my proposed project shredded. I found out from Fred that the project took place only a few months ago. I think I’ll go look at it personally in a few minutes.

I still don’t want to go back though :)

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So you do still exist... sort of? Too good to call your old friends? You should, you know. I have huge news....



June 19 2007, 05:18:47 UTC 10 years ago

I am a bastard. When I do spend time anywhere online, it is here -
Alright ya fucker, here it is... I'm preggo. Jamie and I are gonna be parents!!!!

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I'm doing amazingly well. Ever since my decision to change everything in 2005 at about this time of the year, I have been feeling a great deal better. I feel like I'm 'prosperous' if you can call it that.
I dropped charter. I apologize if you've been trying to reach me there.

I've listed email addresses in facebook if you'd still like to email me.