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Battlestar Galactica, The Sci-fi Channel, lack of reading and other random crapola..

Judson may enjoy this:,,20169703,00.html

Note that the picture looks very much like "The Last Supper"

I decided to watch the Sci-Fi channel for, oh I don't know, about 9 hours straight at my parents house this evening. I haven't had cable since October of last year. It has had an effect in that I am just assininely bored. I thought it might make me read more. I often thought about cutting off TV just to see if I eventually turn to books as my source of entertainment. I've known that people do that in order to inflate, perpetuate and ejaculate their own sense of intellectual superiority - turning off the TV and deciding to only read books. In my case, I seem dumbed down. It hasn't helped any to have seperated myself from all of that which I distracted myself with before.... aaaaaaand I don't read any more than I used to.

Not ONLY have I cut myself off entirely from TV, but also from just about any roleplaying since March of last year. I've even cut myself off from video games. Well I did decide to get addicted to the XBox version of Fable during October 2006, however that ended. I've watched all of John's movies as well. I'm all out of media! What do I do? Wait, don't answer. Maybe there is hope yet that I will begin gobbling up books like wildfire out of boredom.

To go back to the opening two lines of this post, I watched an episode of Battelstar Galactica and decided that the reason that it is so popular is that it is intensely emotional and the plight of the characters seems believable. Who can't like a well written script and good acting? I must say I love the interaction of Admiral Adama with the president. Also, this Adama... I have to say... out of all the science fiction, futuristic drama I've watched, I like him as the leader "father" figure the best. Even better than those characters I've seen in the Star Trek series and/or movies. I will NOT get into that fevered meanlingless debate of "who is the superior officer?", as I really don't fucking care. I'm not that big of a dork.

"Frankenstein Reborn" - I'll say this.. don't watch this piece of shit unless you have nothing else to do. I felt my intelligence sucked out through my fucking nose by a reverse version of a bullhorn. I noted two things that I consider discrepancies:

1. If the "stupid bitch" brunette medical student that was hired later in the movie to help with the experiment could have no time for a social life because of the amount of the work involved, then why the fuck was 3/4 of her screen time spent in a fucking bar drinking neon multi-colored drinks?

2. Stripping an observation from the previous question, why THE FUCK does drinking neon multi-colored drinks make you appear more sophisticated? In my opinion it should make you more qualified for a .50 caliber round to the head.
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