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Welp... (sigh).. haven't posted here in a while..

I thought I would comment on this article, but then... I read this comment:

- "Palin has certainly emerged as a political force, but to whitewash her abysmal appearances in front of the national media as some sort of liberal conspiracy to bring down a unique conservative voice is nothing short of ignorant. When McCain announced Palin as his choice for running mate, undecided voters wanted to like Sarah Palin. She was attractive, vibrant, vocal, and independent. Unfortunately, as those undecided voters would soon discover, she was also as dumb as a brick. This was not one "lousy interview with Katie Couric," this was a sequestered candidate who was only allowed to make a half-dozen national appearances all of which turned out to be unmitigated disasters. What about the Charles Gibson interview? What about the debate in which Palin repeatedly chose to answer questions that were never asked of her and ignored most of the ones that were asked? And it wasn't the national media that sought out Palin so they could beat a defeated horse. This was Sarah Palin desperately seeking a return to the spotlight. Judging by her recent resignation, it's a spotlight she is still woefully unprepared for."

.. and I thought.. "wow, that more than sums up what I wanted to say"

During the elections, I heard not one convincing argument to her credit. The only positive trait that I heard my conservative friends comment was, "She's hot". McCain, yes, I heard potentially convincing positive arguments to assuage my beliefs of the man. Palin? nope. The remainder of the comments carry a great deal of weight. The near lack of defense of Palin within those comments, that defense for the most part petty, betells who her supporters are.
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