Shameless Self-admiring Bastard (rampntnegatvity) wrote,
Shameless Self-admiring Bastard

Time is a commodity

I forgive people easily in daily life for asking me for a quarter. It's never really bothered me to give away pocket change. It seems to infuriate the general passer-by to upend his hard earned dime just to give it away to a bum. While I disapprove of that myself, what I feel is particularly egregious above and beyond that, is this displacement of my time for your activity. Time is something that is never gotten back. It can never be recovered. It is THE most precious resource. I don't care if I wanted to jerk off for five hours straight, but doing that was more important to me than taking you somewhere. It's my time. It's my valuable resource... and to continually require it of me chafes my ass worse than asking for even money.

It's my fucking time, and I want to spend it on my activities. A monetary exchange is not acceptable to me. I have specifically reduced my level of responsibility to others so that I might have my time to spend the way I see fit...

It would seem that because others have iummense obligations already that it falls upon me to do what guilt cannot force them to do. In other words, I get guilted into it. It's "convenient" for me, since "I have the time", to do what they have no time to do.

Helping someone for an hour or so on some project, or spending time at their wedding is more than acceptable. These are things those that can be mutually enjoyable - a shared activity. However when a person, or group of people, seemingly demands continuous sections of your time this relationship becomes a needing affair. It's comparable to the "friend" who always "needs" a dollar... or a hundred.. to get through "till next week"... or a place to stay till next month.. constantly... It's incredibly sapping to the psyche, and eventually destructive to my calm.
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