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Livejournal, Livejournal, where for art thou Livejournal?..

Well, it looks as though I have a reason to come back to this thing. It would appear as though Steph has friends that utilize this as a source of entertainment often. So I might see if I can set up an RSS feed from my myspace blog to here. Not that I post often in that blog as it is.

When I used this site a few years ago I had little to no social life, which I did not miss. It has become that way again regretfully. Now I miss it - my social life that is. Yet, that imperative eating habit I can't squash makes me work to earn money. I work at night and thus weekdays are cut out of my "funtime".

When did the internet become a way of life for me? I am plugged into a computer nearly 16 hours a day and I keep coming back. Like Pavlov's dog I return to check email when I come home. You'd think that I would put the fucker away now and then and go to the batting cages, or run in the park, or I don't know.. Hammer a nail... pick up a book for pleasurable reading, turn a wrench on my Chevelle, cut the fucking tall reedlike grass in my front yard that has turned into a cross between a swamp and a western state badland, or even clean my house. Yes, that's right I said clean my house.

My roomate is driving me nuts. He won't wash the dishes that he leaves over the weekend. He never takes out the trash. When he and the guys game in my den/bedroom they don't clean up the area they use - I don't even play anymore! Gah! It's a small price to pay for 400 a month though. It's nice to be able to have somewhere to vent this without all of my friends getting hold of it and telling him about it.

Normally I'm confrontational, but not with John. Somewhere deep in my mind I believe that I might just be wrong about my assumptions, and he'll know. He'll find it! He has a very convincing demeanor.

Anyway, yeah, this is me.. ventin... and you.. readin it.. werd....
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