Shameless Self-admiring Bastard (rampntnegatvity) wrote,
Shameless Self-admiring Bastard

Free Market?

I've been thinking lately about the push of western civilization across the face of the

North American continent. I'm going to forget for a moment the obvious mistreatment of

Native Americans. During that timeframe land was given out like candy by the government.

That's one of the ways it made money: lands sales. Now that land is settled. For the

most part, unless the U.S. Government wants to keep a piece of land (for strategic or

other reasons), then it is privately owned. What happens as population increases? Land,

despite how much it may cost, becomes more valuable. If I intended to build ANYTHING

that might somehow improve the human condition, then I must buy the land in pioneering

spirit just as previous settlers did... only now, it's more costly, especially in the

relative sense. In this case then, how is that "free market" will eventually win out

inspiring improvement? Can "free market" reach a critical mass that can no longer

support itself?
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