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rampntnegatvity's Journal

Shameless Self-admiring Bastard
6 July 1977
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Rampant Negativity

There's blood on the street, but there's nothing to steal from me;
Cause I walk alone, but at least I walk for free.

I listen to few and I'm fueled by fire.
Guess now I'm old, but not much wiser.



I don't have opinions anymore.

I have boredom and bad fights. Purposelessness. Spiritualessness. Reality.

Opinions are hope. Hope is dangerous. Opinions are thus dangerous, to you, to me, to everyone else. Instead, immerse yourself in consumption, sexcrete consumable products ( that's right sex it baby ), and indenture your desire.

- Slob



Colonialism - Militarization = Corporation.

Communist State - Military = Business.

- My common sense


When Alexander's sarcophagus was brought from it's shrine, Augustus gazed at the body, then laid a crown of gold on it's glass case and scatterd some flowers to pay his respects. When they asked if he would like to see Ptolemy too, "I wished to see a king", he replied, "I did not wish to see corpses"

- Suetonius, Life of Augustus, 18.1


"Alexander the Great", replied Hannibal Barca, "because with a small force he defeated armies whose numbers were beyond reckoning, and because he overan the remotest regions, merely to visit which was a thing above human aspirations."

"To whom would you give second place?", asked Publius Scipio.

Hannibal reflected for a moment and then said: "Pyrrhus, for he first taught the method of encamping, and besides no one ever showed such exquisite judgement in choosing his ground and disposing of his posts; while he also possessed the art of concilitating mankind to himself to such a degree that the natives of Italy wished him, though a foreign prince, to hold the sovereignty among them, rather than the Roman people"

Scipio, whose ego was probably becoming a little nettled by this point, asked Hannibal whom he esteemed the third greatest captain of all time.

"Myself, beyond doubt!", replied the Carthaginian. Scipio laughed, and then asked,
"What would you have said had you conquered me?"
"Then", came the reply, "I would have placed Hannibal not only before Alexander and Pyrrhus, but before all other commanders!"

- Alps and elephants: Hannibal's march, Sir Gavin De Beer

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